ACT when we feel we can’t!

Here is a really simple and useful post: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy when we feel we can’t!

By resisting and struggling against unwanted situations or feelings, we often create more inner suffering. Acceptance is not about “giving up”, but, since we can’t change the unpleasant experiences, we can learn to relate to them in a more detached way by allowing, making room for them without reacting to them. We let the unpleasantness, the pain be, without letting it dominate our state of mind so we don’t get so overwhelmed, like the waves in the ocean coming and going.

Often by accepting what we can’t change, we start being able to see how we can make adjustments and deal with the situation which then seems less out of our control. Peaceful, quiet acceptance allows us to move forward. Ruminating, obsessing, analysing, keeps us stuck and only deepens our suffering. ACT helps us gently to accept our reality as it is and to use what we have to resolve and begin a more satisfying, purposeful life.

Have a read! It’s a nice easy intro to ACT.

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