Works as well as anti-depressants

Here’s an interesting article, with a promising title and just a sprinkling of silliness too. ‘But the new study – the largest-ever analysis of research on the subject – found mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) helped people just as much as commonly prescribed anti-depressant drugs and that there was no evidence…

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Identifying Core Values: Integrating ACT and Hypnosis

Richard Nongard

I’m using this post to link to a video by my good cyber-friend, Richard Nongard. He is, as I believe Americans say, good people. Silly Americans. Anyway, Richard has an incredible amount of experience in the world of hypnosis and completely vindicated my interest in ACT (when I first came…

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The 11 Dangers of Mindfulness Meditation

Alexa Freya

Mindfulness meditation is a wonderful tool, supported by a growing wealth of evidence which demonstrates the many benefits of the practice. However, recently there have been a few articles in the press which have highlighted the ‘dangers’ of meditation. Therefore, it seems a good time to look deeper into what could be considered meditation dangers, and how we can not only address them but also learn from them.

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Overwhelmed by Negative Emotions? Try Radical Acceptance

Psychology Today

Accepting difficult situations without judgment can help you survive the moment. Radical acceptance means that you accept something completely, without judging it. For example, radically accepting the present moment means that you don’t fight it, get angry at it, or try to change it into something that it’s not.

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Acceptance and commitment therapy in the treatment of chronic pain


JoAnne Dahl and Tobias Lundgren discuss the use of ACT for the treatment of chronic pain. They start off with a fascinating observation: A radical and provocative conclusion drawn by the authors of a Swedish government evaluation (van Tulder, et al., 2000) of all established medical treatments offered today was…

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