The 11 Dangers of Mindfulness Meditation

Alexa Freya

Mindfulness meditation is a wonderful tool, supported by a growing wealth of evidence which demonstrates the many benefits of the practice. However, recently there have been a few articles in the press which have highlighted the ‘dangers’ of meditation. Therefore, it seems a good time to look deeper into what could be considered meditation dangers, and how we can not only address them but also learn from them.

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Three Blocks to Radical Acceptance


Radical Acceptance means completely and totally accepting something from the depths of your soul, with your heart and your mind. You stop fighting reality. When you stop fighting you suffer less. However, Radical acceptance is easier to understand than it is to practice.

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Will I Ever be Happy Again?


This makes a very simple, yet extremely significant, point.   Will I Ever Be Happy? Stop Waiting For The Perfect Moment It is pretty hard to feel content in a world that is consistently offering you the “next best thing”. I mean, how can your possibly pay attention to the…

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Acceptance is NOT Resignation!

This is excellent on Acceptance versus resignation: What does it mean when a friend, family member, or therapist tells you that you need to try to accept a situation you’re struggling with? Is this reasonable advice, or is it just annoying and impossible? Acceptance is a key concept and a…

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What do we mean by Acceptance?

We are going to be talking about Acceptance a fair amount round these parts, so we may as well define our terms. If you are suffering or in pain, the idea that you should practice acceptance can seem counter-intuitive. It would feel as if you were being told to resign…

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