Coming Soon – Let it Be!

We are beyond thrilled to announce the imminent release of our new book on the subject of Brief Acceptance.

Let it Be provides the reader with insights and exercises from 4 established schools of therapy and 3 popular self-help tools.

By combining a hundred years of Japanese psychology with cutting-edge methods of well-being, Let it Be offers a comprehensive model of the dynamic power of acceptance.

Here is what Steve Hayes, developer of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, had to say about the book:

Properly understood and practised acceptance is one of the most reliable positive pathways of change known in all of psychological science. Acceptance is not tolerance, resignation, or giving up. It is receiving the hard earned gift of your own experience.

If you are suffering you need a pathway forward, but more of the same will not give you what you yearn for. Stop running; plant your feet; and pick up this gentle book. It will take you by the hand and show you a powerful new pathway toward what you really want.

Let it Be will be released within the next week or two. However, to gain a sneak peek, you can sign-up here.



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