What do you think of Byron Katie and The Work?

We don’t know Byron Katie personally, so are in no position to comment on her as a person.‘The Work’ – which is what Katie calls her method of self-inquiry has been experienced as a useful tool by many people. The ideas contained within are not original, but the way they are worded – including what is said and what is not said – make it a useful process.

After asking the four questions of The Work, you are provided with a ‘turn-around’. This is simply an invitation to look at your issue from a number of different perspectives. It is potentially a very powerful climax to the process, but should be handled with care. If someone is facing trauma or emotionally vulnerable, there is a risk that the turnaround could lead to the acceptance of potentially unhelpful thoughts. Instead, it should be remembered, that The Work is not seeking to reveal the ‘truth’ of a situation, but helping you find a way to accept and engage with reality. If the turnaround you come up with leaves you in a worse condition than the initial issue being worked-on, keep going until you come up with something else.

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