Let it Be – Resources

Here are your Additional Resources to accompany our book, Let it Be.


Chapter 1 from Let it BeLet it Be Ch1

This PDF contains the opening chapter of Let it Be.

This sets the tone for the rest of the book and lays the foundation for appreciating the role and value of acceptance.

Valued Living Questionnaire : The-Valued-Living-Questionnaire

The Valued Living Questionnaire comes from the world of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

This simple tool is something we discuss in Chapter 3 of Let it Be, as a means of both discovering your values and assessing how closely you are living in line with them.

Summary so far: Let it Be- Summary So Far

Chapter 9 of Let it Be provides a summary of the main points discussed so far.

This is an important point in the book, as it is the place that we move from learning the lessons of acceptance in various schools of therapy, to considering the role of acceptance in certain self-help methods.

EFT Tapping Points

This chart illustrates the tapping-points referenced in our chapter on EFT.

Further Reading

You can find the Recommended Reading list and Bibliography from Let it Be here.


Dilemmas, Hard Decisions, and Tough Choices by Russ Harris

If you are a professional, you can find here a free copy of an extremely valuable booklet by ACT aficionado, Russ Harris:

Dilemmas, Hard Decisions, and Tough Choices: Practical Tips for Therapists

Book Review of Constructive Living by David Reynolds

Constructive Living presents David K. Reynolds update to Morita Therapy – one of the stars of Let it Be – by combining it with Naikan self-reflection. This brief review offers an introduction.

Summary of Constructive Living

Here is a useful summary of the main points of Constructive Living.


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