Rediscover Your Personal Wisdom & Happiness

Here is a great post regarding the Option Method:

In varying degrees, we feel that we need something more than what we already possess spiritually or materialistically before we can be really happy. Some of us get closer to it than others. Often a life threatening illness or the profound loss of a loved one becomes a turning point in our lives, a pivotal moment, when we make a conscious choice to be grateful for what we have and live life to the fullest. For some, as the routines of life return, this awakening remains in the heart and soul, like a gift from God, but it slips from the grasp of others. How can we hold onto happiness in all its forms: contentment, joy, gratitude, peacefulness, bliss? How might we live a life feeling good about ourselves, knowing that we feel exactly how we want to feel, that nothing can make us feel a way that we don’t want to feel, and that we already are equipped with everything we need to achieve happiness?

We don’t need a new mantra or affirmation, teacher, workshop, or guru to find our path. Although once we’ve opened the door to our hearts, we may experience joy and growth with any one or more of them as we travel through life. I invite you now on a journey, your own personal expedition to discover personal wisdom and happiness.

To begin this journey, we must first start where we now are. To get in touch with ourselves, our true happiness and spirit, we must begin by removing the layers of beliefs that conceal it. This is an easy and painless process when we use the Option Method questions.

Sometimes we experience ourselves as a living contradiction. We feel a way we don’t want to feel. How is this possible and how can we end it? The Option questions will help us to identify and to clarify, and thus expose to the light the current mistaken belief that is clouding our vision and obscuring the truth that already resides in our hearts. Once we begin this process, if we are honest with ourselves, we won’t go back. It is in our very nature always to desire happiness. God gave each of us a soul which burns like an eternal flame with this desire to be happy. Sometimes we let our happiness shine, when it’s appropriate or when we feel allowed. At other times it is obscured by our fears and hesitations. Depending upon our currently held mistaken beliefs, we may simply just not feel right or we may be in total despair.

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